Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Killer October

October was a killer month at my little office. I had 27 court appearances during the month. Many of these were morning in one county, afternoon in another, making it nearly impossible for me to be at the office much at all.

Thankfully, we have the technology to sit in court while waiting for a case to get called and get work done. I have to say that Tennessee is lagging behind many states on such things as internet access in the courtrooms. Having internet access is crucial to such things as remote access of files. Without it you have to do what I basically did - load up the laptop and briefcase with the things you need to work on and then upload them back to the server when you get back to the office.

Tennessee had scheduled a pilot program for enabling technology in the courtroom - electronic filing being among the things they were looking at - but the administration canceled it. I hope that they re-evaluate. If it is just a money issue, perhaps that would be a good place to spend some of the surplus from the IOLTA accounts.

By the way, after the killer October, I took a week off to rest and recharge. Will be back in the office Thursday.


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