Sunday, January 4, 2009

Why Me?

The same client who asked me about wins and losses also asked me why he should hire me and not some other lawyer. I didn't have a ready answer, but I have given it some thought over the past couple of days.

Instead of reasons to hire me, I thought of reasons that you shouldn't use as the deciding factor in hiring me.

You shouldn't hire me because I am a sharp dresser. I'm not. In fact, most days you will find me at the office in jeans and a T-shirt (unless you catch me coming or going to court). I'm just a regular guy who happens to be a lawyer.

You shouldn't hire me because I have a big, downtown, office. I am downtown, but the town is quite small. The office is nice, though, and getting nicer as I make some improvements to it.

You shouldn't hire me because I have TV commercials that promise I will win you more money than another lawyer, or have past clients talk about how much money they got. I will never run that kind of commercial. I think most TV lawyer ads are sleazy.

You shouldn't hire me because of any of those reasons. I guess the reason to hire me is that I get good results in most of my cases. I try hard. I don't like to lose.

If those reasons aren't good enough, then you're probably better off going to one of the TV lawyers, I suppose.


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