Wednesday, June 17, 2009


My client in the so-called "murder for hire" case that was featured on Nancy Grace a year or so ago entered a no contest plea this week. She will serve 15 days in the county jail and can serve the time on weekends. Pretty good outcome considering that she could have received 25 years in prison if found guilty as charged.

There must have been a reporter in the courtroom since the entire plea exchange with the judge was printed up in the paper this morning. They got it correct for the most part, including the part where the DA credited the motions I had filed as being the reason why they were giving such a good deal. He said they were "not without merit."

In any event, my client in this case got treated roughly in the media when the case first began. I was not her lawyer at that point, she changed to me right after the preliminary hearing. If I had been a publicity seeking hound I could have played this one for all it was worth, but I value my privacy and that makes me value hers just as well.

Still, it would have been nice to tangle with Nancy Grace.


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