Thursday, May 26, 2011

Anthony Trial - Day Two

Day two of the Anthony trial in Florida was uneventful. The state is presenting its case exactly as they laid it out in the opening statement. They began by focusing on showing the jury how Ms. Anthony went about living her life and seemed to enjoy it with no concerns at all, when all the time her daughter was missing. This is something that the defense will absolutely have to overcome if they are to get a favorable outcome.

The defense's strategy on this point was laid out in their opening statement. They contend that her behavior was a result of sexual abuse by Mr. Anthony. They reason that Ms. Anthony was used to hiding traumatic events in her life and that the death of the child was just another in a series of such events.

I have to tell you, I don't buy that. And I am a defense attorney. If they can't convince me, I doubt that they will convince a juror. But, the evidence is not all in so we should wait to draw conclusions.

The defense didn't have much to do with these witnesses. Basically, they are conceding that their testimony is true and correct and will be presenting their explanation when it is their turn. It looks like they will have to put Ms. Anthony on the stand, which will open her up to cross-examination by the state - always a risky proposition.


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