Monday, June 16, 2008


One of the things that I recently accomplished is changing the office case management software away from DoingTime to a web-based application called Bill4Time. Bill4Time seems to do everything that I need - track client information, track time spent on hourly clients, do simple accounting and document storage and management.

It's not a perfect system. One flaw is in the document management piece as there seems to be no way to edit an uploaded document in place, you have to download it, edit it and upload it as a new document. I would prefer some type of built in version control and perhaps they will roll that out in a future version.

The cost is quite reasonable - only about $40 per month for my office. The best thing is that it is a web based, hosted application, meaning that I can log on and get my case and client information from any computer on the internet anywhere I happen to be. And, since my paralegal, Tara Whitacre, spends most of her time in Ohio it is easy for her to get assignments, do the work and upload the resulting document.

Anyone looking for a simple case management package for a small law office should give it a look. It can be found at There is a 30 day, fully functional, free trial.



morris said...

Hi Tim,
I'm the founder of Bill4Time and just wanted to thank you for your kinds words. I'm glad you enjoy the system, and ask that you give us any feedback/suggestions (the good and the bad) so we can keep on improving Bill4Time.

Tim Hatton said...

It's a great program. There are some things that I would like done differently, but that's just me. One thing is that you should have the client's phone numbers on the same page as the rest of the client information. Right now, you have to enter the client, and then enter the client again as a contact before you can enter a phone number. Your way works great for corporate clients, but is a pain when you represent individuals.

Also, some mechanism for editing documents in place would be nice. Right now, to edit a document you have to download it, open it, edit it, then upload it again. That works, but it would be nice just to be able to open it and when you click save after the edit have it overwrite the version out there (or implement some kind of version control like Microsoft has in their collaboration software).

I haven't tried the invoice feature yet, but will soon.

Overall, I like it and plan on using it extensively.


morris said...

we are working on developing a windows & mac application that will let you "browse" a bill4time virtual drive just like you'd browse a C or D drive - and see your files in a virtual folder structure.

Tim Hatton said...

That might be very useful indeed. If you need someone to beta test it, let me know.

I have been looking at the new contact manager feature. That's a step in the right direction toward making it easier to find client phone numbers. I will probably write a bit about that when I am done playing with it.